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Response Time

When a customer gets in touch, it is in your best interests to respond immediately, even ifincompletely.
For any customer, the process of getting in touch with a company is not passive behaviour. It is, on the contrary, an active attempt to communicate something of importance. It could be to seek a clarification, get additional information about a product or service or provide feedback on some aspect of the customer experience. In other words, when customers get in touch with an organization, there is usually a definite and important reason for their proactive behaviour.

In such a situation, if the customer is treated with a standard statement such as “we’ll get back to you, sir/madam”, then he or she is likely to see it as an attempt to brush off the issue and not treat it with the importance that it deserves. So, it is important for the Customer Dialog Executive to give the customer a proper, sensible and thoughtful response.

But, there are instances when the Customer Dialog Executive is genuinely unable to give a complete response.

Here’s a small secret! This is an insight that Magus has picked up over the years – When such a situation arises, there is only one satisfactory way to deal with it and that is, by giving the customer a time frame within which a reply can be expected from the company in response to the query or feedback.

This type of time bound commitment is reassuring for customers and it will not come across as an attempt to brush off the customer. It gives customers a sense of comfort and satisfaction that somebody is on the job and thinking about the issue and looking for ways to resolve it.

This kind of response is quite satisfactory as far as the customer is concerned, provided the issue is addressed subsequently, within the indicated time frame. Strange as it may seem, customers will not mind waiting for a proper response, as long as they are given a reasonable time frame within which the issue will be resolved.

This is therefore, an important learning for effective customer retention management – i.e., the key lies in providing an immediate and satisfactory response, even if the response is incomplete at the point when the customer made contact.

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