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Relationship Programs

Unless you are tuned-in to your customer’s needs and are able to add value to the customer experience, customer retention becomes an uphill task.
Poorly managed customer retentions programs often do more harm than good for a company.

Here’s a small case -A cell phone customer made a specific request that the cell phone company should never call him on his cell phone. Unfortunately, the company did not take the necessary steps to forward this request to all the concerned customer relations executives within the company. The customer continued to receive calls on his cell phone. He was patient the first three times, but thereafter, when he was disturbed for the fourth time, he just shifted to another cell phone company. The company lost a customer because of their negligence in complying with the customer’s request.

When an organization develops customer retention programs, the focus is usually on customer retention and long-term relationships. Every company hopes to gain a large customer base of loyal users. But this can be achieved only through proper management of the customer retention strategy and by paying attention to the finer details of customer interaction.

  1. To start with, Customer Dialog strategies must be in synergy with the advertising and communications platforms. You have to deliver what you promise.

  2. Customer Dialog strategies must provide a value-added support system for the promotional strategies

  3. The approach to customer retention has to be an integrated effort in all aspects of customer contact, customer interaction and dialog.

  4. Customer Dialog strategies have to be developed based on key questions such as -

    • How do we add value to the customer experience?
    • How do we persuade customers to upgrade?
    • How can we tap into the lifetime value of the customer, so that we have a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship?
    • What type of customer interaction is most likely to foster loyalty and cement loyalty?
    • What steps can we take to avoid antagonizing the customer? How do we ensure that we keep track of customer requests and comply with these requests? How can we work in an integrated manner to share customer information across all relevant sub-divisions and levels within the company?

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