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Magus Customer Dialog Private Limited was established in 1989 at a point when the concept of Customer Retention Management was still in its infancy. Magus is a forerunner in this field and it is the first independent customer retention and customer response organization in India. Magus also has the unique distinction of being the first company in this business segment to receive the coveted ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Today, we have 30 years of experience under our belt and we have a presence across 6 key locations in India. The list of clients in our repertoire bears testimony to our impeccable reputation and vast experience garnered over the years in this field.

Magus is a company that specializes in facilitating Customer Retention Management programs. Magus strives to create a dialog between organizations and their customer base. We have the necessary experience, and the expertise that is essential for handling highly sophisticated customer relationship building programs.

Our core area of business is closely linked to developments and trends in the area of marketing. Marketers around the world battle with two key issues-

a) How to hold on to existing customers?

b) How to find new customers and convert them into regular customers?
In the 21st century this concern has been further refined given the greater understanding that we have today on customer relationships. The questions that we should be asking today are -

  • How can we foster loyalty and build long-term customer relationships?
  • What kind of investments should we make towards retaining those customers that we perceive to be our most valuable customers?
  • How do we devise a multiple strategy and differentiated services to cater to all sections of customers without neglecting any portion of our customer base?
At Magus, we have been asking ourselves these questions for several years and our product-mix is therefore carefully designed to address various aspects of customer relationship building.
  • The ‘Magus Customer Dialog’ consists of a comprehensive range of services that can cater to a variety of customer retention programs
  • We have the trained manpower that is capable of attracting the right customers for your business
  • We have people with the right skill-set to efficiently handle a wide range of customer retention issues and customer loyalty programs
  • We are capable of executing multiple strategies to target different segments within your customer base.

The illustration given below highlights the role played by customer retention programs in building customer loyalty and as we all know, loyal customers ultimately translate into greater profitability for an organization.

Magus is a company that you can rely on to support and strengthen your business strategy in the area of customer retention management. Magus is capable of providing critical support services in managing and executing your customer retention programs.

We handle clients drawn from diverse sectors, ranging from consumer goods, airlines, media and retailing, to financial services, telecommunications and information technology. We are proud to have among our clients several high profile companies such as Airtel , Asian Paints ,Citibank Financial Services, Colgate , HDFC Bank , Hutch , Lenovo , Raymond and The Times of India to name a few.

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