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Partnership Program

Over the years, Magus has been credited with the ability to earn a significant amount of “customer satisfaction points” for their clients. In other words, organizations that use our services usually see an upswing in their customer satisfaction scores. That’s because we pay equal attention to both ends of the spectrum -
a) We know how to gauge our client's needs and, at the same time,
b) We also know how to handle customer interaction effectively

Our approach
We approach every assignment as partners in the project right from the start. We will work with you right from the conceptualization stages of your customer retention programs to the final execution of the programs. We look for ways to arrive at a one-to-one understanding with our clients and our approach is highly personalized.

Our solutions are tailored for the specific needs of an organization in all areas including the design of work formats, creating the support systems, and assigning the right teams to front-end the operation. We have a countrywide skilled work force operating across 11 cities in India

The role of ‘organization culture’ in the Partnership Program

The effectiveness of the Magus Customer Dialog is strengthened when the importance of customer relationships pervades throughout an organization. In order to devise the right customer retention strategies, organizations have to undergo a paradigm shift in their thinking. In addition to finding ways to generate loyal customers, an organization has to build an internal culture of being loyal and devoted to its customers.

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