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Outbound Contact Center

The teams that are assigned to projects in our Outbound Contact Center play a very critical role in the overall customer retention strategy of an organization. That’s because, these teams represent the face of the organization and they have to handle every aspect of communication keeping in the mind the values, principles and the business objectives of an organization. The Magus Outbound Contact Center offers the following services:

  • Verification Calling
  • Welcome Calling
  • Service Calling
  • Calling for profiling
  • Cross Selling and Up-Selling
  • Collection Calling
Each of the above services requires trained and experienced people to handle customer interaction in a sensitive, intelligent and perceptive manner. We take pride in our ability to assign the most suitable teams to front-end the operation.

The Outbound campaigns of an organization are usually pivotal in the process of customer life cycle management and if handled properly, these programs can provide a platform to significantly increase customer satisfaction levels.

An increase in customer satisfaction levels is the ultimate formula to raise the profile of your organization. This will logically lead to a reduction in customer churn and will set the stage for greater customer loyalty. Satisfied customers also provide favourable word-of-mouth and this in turn can potentially lead to new customer acquisition as well.

Customer loyalty has a significant role in boosting your bottom line in the long-run. Our goal is to handle your outbound campaigns in a manner that generates greater customer loyalty for your organization.

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