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Inbound Contact Center

An Inbound contact center handles communication received from customers. It provides an opportunity for customers to initiate a dialog with an organization, if they feel the need to enquire about something or communicate something. The Magus Inbound Contact Center is a highly organized and professionally managed unit. It can be used to encourage communication from your customers

We offer three modes of communication (snail mail, e-mail and web chat):

    Inbound Customer Care contact center
    Email Response Center
    Web Chat Center
It is important to create the right impression on your customers, especially when customers make the attempt to initiate a dialog with an organization.

Our Customer Dialog professionals are trained to listen, sound helpful, offer advice, clear doubts, provide assurance, and if required, they can also make certain commitments on behalf of an organization (on factors such as turnaround time or delivery schedules), based on prior information provided by the organization to the Inbound Contact center.

The Magus Inbound Contact center is an important contact point with your customers and it can be used to create a favourable impression for your company. Our Customer Dialog executives can play an important role in your customer retention strategy by responding appropriately and fostering a sense confidence and trust in your organization.

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