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Fulfilment Services

The marketing strategy of organizations often includes special promotional offers, contests, and festival schemes. They are used as a means to generate greater visibility, interest and excitement around the products and services. When these promotional activities are galvanized countrywide, it is practical and sometimes necessary to outsource logistics and backend support. This can take the pressure off the sales teams that are already burdened with targets and other support activities on the field.

The fulfilment process involves forwarding information to customers and adhering to various promises made to customers. This could include the physical delivery of prizes, direct mailers or brochures. It could also involve computing loyalty points and informing customers about what they are entitled to.

The fulfilment process has to be handled meticulously and in a timely manner. Magus Fulfilment Services are an important set of support functions that can assist an organization in handling the logistical aspects of marketing promotions with greater ease and efficiency. Contact us for a more detailed discussion on the scope of our fulfilment services for your marketing programs.

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