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Database management

Database management has come a long way from merely storing customer names and addresses, to a more complex process of integrating customer profiles with buying patterns and spend patterns.

An important activity in database management is the process of Data Mining. Data mining is carried out using advanced statistical tools and at the core of this activity is the optimism of identifying useful patterns within the database so that you can capitalize on them to create commercially viable strategies and programs.

The input for the data mining activity is the queries that we ask of the database in order to probe the database for insights. The output is the answer thrown up by the database to those queries. This output is further analyzed to draw inferences that can give clear direction in developing a more focused marketing strategy and customer retention strategy.

With the use of software tools, it is possible to profile your customers in greater detail. You can capture information on a wide range of purchase parameters.

    • You can analyze frequency of purchase, amount spent during each purchase occasion, recent purchases, specific months when purchases peaked and so on
    • You can analyze your customer database to identify specific customers or customer segments that generate higher revenues and profitability for your organization. When you identify these profitable customers, it gives you an opportunity to target specific loyalty program towards these high value customers
Magus approach to Database Management
  • At Magus we approach each database management project differently based on the objectives stated within each client’s communications brief.

  • We look for innovative ways to query the database. The manner in which you query your database is as important as the manner in which you finally analyze and draw conclusions from your data base.

  • We use sophisticated mathematical tools and techniques to extract meaningful information so that the information can be used to fine tune an organization’s customer retention strategy and further refine the Customer Dialog process.

The advantages of using Magus Database Management techniques

The scope of database management goes beyond organizing and retrieving data, to actually analyzing and comprehending the pointers and hints that are hidden and inherent within the data mining output.

  • You can use our outputs to look for opportunities to improve the revenues earned from your customer base. In other words, you can use the insights thrown up by the analysis to create the right offers and schemes that are closely tailored to the needs of your customers - such as cross-selling, up-selling, bundling and so on.

  • You can study and analyse past purchase behaviour of your customers. Based on past purchase patterns, you can also forecast the likely future purchases and potential revenues from your customers.

    1. Analysis of purchase patterns will help in sorting your customers by revenue earned, profitability and future potential. This analysis can be used to devise a more concentrated marketing effort towards your more profitable and valuable customers
    2. This type of analysis also aids in devising multiple strategies and differentiated services to cater to all sections of customers without neglecting any portion of our customer base

In fact, data mining has to be done imaginatively and creatively in order to generate insights that can serve as an input into the continuous process of strategizing. Magus offers you its expertise and vast experience in database management in extracting these useful strategic insights.

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