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Magus Customer Dialog

Magus is a pioneer in Contact Centre operations in the field of Customer Relationship Management. At Magus, we have a fresh new perspective on how to manage customer relationships more effectively. We call it the “Magus Customer Dialog”.

In a competitive market place, the customer has choice and can choose from a wide variety of competing offerings. In such a scenario, the cost of acquiring and retaining customers can seem like an uphill task and can prove to be extremely expensive as well. It is becoming increasingly clear that customers cannot be retained through sustained advertising alone. It takes a lot more than smart advertising and clever sales tactics to attract and retain customers.

The key to building a loyal customer base lies in a business strategy that revolves around Customer Relationship Management. This is where Magus comes into the picture. We step in and take on the responsibility of managing your customer relationships on your behalf.

 Magus Customer Dialog 
‘Through people, through technology’

Our pioneering approach called the Magus Customer Dialog is an extremely effective way of strengthening customer relationships. That’s because we recognize that every customer is a special and unique individual or organization with different wants, needs and satisfaction levels. The customer is not a nameless, faceless statistic.

Magus Customer Dialog combines the power of technology with a pool of trained and talented manpower that is capable of seamlessly managing every aspect of customer contact. And that’s why we like to refer to it as - Magus Customer Dialog - ‘Through people, through technology’.

The role of the Magus Customer Dialog is to strengthen customer relationships and retain customers over a long-term.

Contact us and we will be happy to explain how exactly the ‘Magus Customer Dialog’ can be put to use for your business to create a more effective customer dialogue process. Magus is a highly professional organization and we have been working in this field since 1989. We have spent several years evolving standards, establishing benchmarks and garnering valuable experience on how to manage customer relationships better.

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