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Contact Center Auditing

Over the period of 18 years that Magus has spent in the field of Customer Retention Management, we have gained valuable insights and experience on how to manage customer retentions programs effectively. We have also developed our own standards and benchmarks on how to evaluate the services of contact centers.

Contact Center auditing is a very important activity in the whole process of customer relationship building. It is important, because you have to make sure that your customer retention programs are being executed and managed properly and professionally. The efficacy of your programs depends to a large extent on how well your Contact Center executives handle customer contact and customer interaction.

To help you in this validation exercise, we can offer you the following services that serve as a testing mechanism on the efficacy of your customer retention programs.

  • Mystery Calling

  • Mystery Shopping
These services are designed to assess the performance of the contact center that manages your customer retention programs and you can use this feedback to take corrective action (if necessary), in order to improve the impact of your customer retention programs.

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