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Advertising and Relationship Marketing

Advertising and customer relationship programs complement each other and work in tandem for an organization.

While advertising raises the profile of your organization, it is the personalized nature of customer retention programs that can eventually create a loyal customer base. For a synergistic effect, your advertising strategy and your relationship marketing programs have to be in sync with each other. This ensures that customer don’t receive conflicting messages from the same company.

All too often, relationship marketing is seen as a substitute for advertising. For your marketing strategy to be truly effective, your advertising and relationship marketing should complement each other. Whatever you choose to communicate in your advertising can be reinforced through your customer retention programs.

Advertising is an activity that reaches out to your potential customers and communicates to them about your products or services. It is an important and essential activity to ensure that customers view your products favourably in a competitive market place. Advertising therefore creates awareness and lends a certain image and positioning for your company or brands. If your advertising is high decibel and sustained, you gain a higher share-of-voice vis-à-vis your competitors.

But, advertising is a one-way street. It is a method that is used to tell a large number of potential customers about your company, your products and your services. Customer relationship marketing, on the other hand, is a two-way process. You get to interact with real customers. You can communicate with them and you can get their response. You can get valuable feedback on the actual product experience; you can seek information on customer’s needs and wants; and you can use the information to create specific programs to meet their requirements.

With the right customer oriented programs, you can gradually build a strong long-term relationship with your customers and as a result, achieve a loyal customer base. If you have loyal customers it implies that they would prefer to buy from you rather than go to a competitor. This kind of symbiotic relationship will eventually shore up your bottom line and create a higher level profitability for your organization.

Advertising and relationship marketing are essentially used as marketing tools to reach your customers effectively. Both these activities play a distinct role in your overall strategy. While advertising works on a mass scale, customer retention programs are implemented at the individual level. Since both activities represent your organization, they have to be coordinated and the central message has to be synchronized.

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